November 11, 2019 2 min read

It's a simple question. I have to imagine that it get's asked by lots of folks who are trying to find a great gift for a loved one. But before I explore the answer I should clarify that there are also women who carry wallets. I'd be remiss if I left anyone out, so perhaps the title should have just been, "Who Makes The Best Custom Leather Wallets?" There, now that's settled. Let's move on to the answer.

If you do your research you will find hundreds of websites that sell mass produced thin leather wallets from Asia that really don't have that "special" quality about them. Plus they're basically designed to fall apart in a year or two, so that's right out. No no, you want something that is unique, nicely crafted and built to last don't you? That's the type of gift that really makes a statement. Well lucky for you, you're in the right place. Here at Anvil Customs, we make high quality badass biker wallets that are built to last. That's always been our goal. 

Still on the fence? Let's look at the facts:

  • We've been in business for 15 years, which means we're stable and reliable for getting your order out to you confidently in good time.
  • We're located in Springfield, Mo. That means that there's no coast hopping for our packages, we're centrally located so that it takes pretty much the same 3-5 days to ship to anywhere in the US.
  • We're a team of 3 people, so you're not dealing with some big warehouse. If you need to contact us, you'll literally be talking to the guy who owns the business and makes your order.
  • All of our wallets are made carefully by hand -just good ol' fashioned manual craftsmanship. 
  • We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our wallets. Everything we make is designed to withstand the tests of time and wear. If a snap breaks or there's some other inherent flaw with your wallet, we'll fix it. Easy.
  • We offer Free Shipping on everything we have here online, not just the wallets... everything. The cost listed on the product is how much it will cost you to get that shipped right to your door.
  • We have a variety of wallets at a range of prices. All of which are covered by the warranty, all of which are shipped for free. Our basic cowhide pocket wallets have the same amount of care and attention to detail in them as our exotic leather chain wallets do. It's just a matter of style preference and budget.

Still not convinced? Check out our Reviews on Facebook, and Google. You'll find tons of people that have purchased from us over the years. We pride ourselves on communication and customer service. We want to make sure that every purchase is made confidently, and that you feel truly satisfied with your order. We love our humble shop, and we want to make sure you are beyond thrilled with your purchase. 

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