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June 17, 2016 2 min read

friends of Anvil

First off, Anvil Customs would like to thankbaggersmag.com for featuring us in their“Keep Your Pants On - 7 Belts Built for the Motorcycle Rider” It’s true, we really do make some of the best damn belts ever.


That post got us thinking about our friends and how happy we are to have them around. It turns out, that Hand Crafted American Made Goods can be admired by everyone regardless of where they live! Anvil has friends all over the world, and we’re always looking for more. So here’s a shout out to some businesses that are supporting our store by hosting Anvil goods in their shops:


Refinery American Made - If you live in the Coconut Point, Florida area, or the Sarasota, Florida area be sure to get your hands on any number of their premium leather craft work… especially if it’s an Anvil brand product. Gotta love a store that specializes in  American Made Men’s Goods.


Afterdark Motorcycles - One of the largest independent Motorcycyle Dealers in Canada, Afterdark Motorcycles in Alberta has featured anvil products in their shop for some time. If you need parts for your bike, a new bike, or just some righteous swag, make sure to check them out.


Ton-up - Maybe you’re Finnish? Maybe you’re riding through Finland? Whatever the reason, you have to visit our friends at Ton-up in Finland. They carry all sorts of awesome brand motorcycle gear and ours is among them!


Again, thanks to all these shops who help support Anvil from all over. We’d be glad to provide Premium American Made Leather Goods to the whole dang world.