Build Your Own Leather Belt - Personalized Text

The art of building a good leather belt by hand is all in the trade-secrets known to the leather-worker himself.  An Anvil Leather Belt will last a lifetime.  And now you can Personalize Your Own Lettering on your belt!

  1. Choose Size: Simply select your pants waist size and Anvil will tailor the belt to the correct size
  2. Choose Color: Black, Natural or Dirty Brown
  3. Choose Buckle: Brushed Silver, Brushed Brass
  4. Choose Text: Up to 20 letters, no vulgarity please
  5. Choose Art for End of Text
  6. Choose Snap Finish


  • All belts crated by Anvil Customs feature a lifetime warranty.
  • Two heavy duty snaps hold the buckle in place, but also give you the option to swap it out.
  • We use a healthy 10-12 oz veg-tan leather.
  • Belts are 1.5 inches wide.
The options shown refer to color, not metal.

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