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18” Stainless Ball Style Wallet Chain w/Custom Hardware

I FOUND IT!  After YEARS of searching & researching, I finally FOUND IT!  And BOY is it RARE, let me tell you!!!  —  Beautiful Stainless Steel Ball Chain in massive form, 14mm diameter Balls!  Trust me, you’ve never seen such big balls than mine here! - I have spent countless dollars searching the globe for this chain and I’ve been designing the hardware for it ever since I started.  - You’ll be impressed by its size yet it is lightweight!  Another recent discover I made in 2023 were these Top Notch Stainless Steel Marine Show Grade Clasps!  Worth every penny because they are going on Anvil Chains!  —- Alas, My Originally Designed Anvil Ball Chain End Adapters….thank you, thank you very much!  Unique & strong for connecting the welded silver ring & Clasp to the chain.  The Original was carved by my hands & im proud to offer a piece of hardware that I know for fact you can’t get anywhere else in this world. 

Note: This wallet chain build came directly from the center of my heart & it’s my pleasure to offer it to you.

  • Length: 18”
  • Girth: 1/2”
  • LIGHTWEIGHT for its size! 
  • High Grade Stainless Clasps
  • 999 Silver 6 gauge Ring
  • Original Anvil Ball End Adapters