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Lucky Horseshoe Wallet Chain Clasp - White Brass

RyanTheAnvil’s very First Custom Hardware Project!!  This highly coveted & branded hardware is now available for purchase FOR A LIMITED TIME.  — The short story is: Ryan and his two Vegas comrades spent an evening at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas for a night of food, drinks & CRAPS where RyanTheAnvil threw those red dice 30 times, winning over $1,000 just to turn around & lose it all at the next table over (roulette) — but hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…..or does it!??

Since 2019, Ryan has only offered these amazing clasps on his originally designed wallet chains & many of our chainmaille wallet chains. Features a 1/2 in. eyelet.  Note: Be very careful while operating these clasps, they can NEVER be made again and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. (The less you open/close the clasp, the longer it will last, take note please.)

Approximately 2” in length


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