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RTAnvil - ‘Filed’ Oval Link Wallet Chain


Material: Brass

Length: 22in


Style/Weave: Cuban Link

Other Details:

There are few things we dislike at Anvil more than a shoddy length of chain to keep your coveted Anvil Chain Wallet secure. That's why when we tell you this is an exceptional example of the Quintessential Wallet Chain, you can be sure that we're not kidding. This sturdy, and superb looking 'Filed’ Oval Link chain has the perfect strength to weight ratio. We've been searching for a chain like this (with many requests) for years, and we're happy to find one that finally meets our expectations.  Available is Solid Brass, Stainless Steel & Black

  • Length:You choose 14”, 18” or 22” (measures from end to end, including clasps)
  • Link Width: 12mm
  • Material: Brass, Steel
  • Clasps: Durable Lobster Claws on each end (solid brass, nickel plated brass & black plated brass)
  • Features: RTA Tag included on each chain!