14 Inch Gold Coin Chainmaille Wallet Chain (Made from US President Gold Dollar Coins)

These Shorty Gold Dollar Coinmaille chains are remarkable.
  • Hand forged U.S. President gold coins are handmade into the mightiest of rings to form this Most Unique wallet chain that will leave the gawkers speechless.
  • Many hours of hand fabricating each coin and building the chain links proceed the actual construction of this amazing chain for your chain wallet.
  • The Anvil Presidential Coinmaille Shorty wallet chain is 14” long
  • 8 US Presidential Coins & durable 10 gauge Stainless Steel construction (Shorty chain images coming soon....featured here are the 22" chain images which show 16 gold coin rings, this Shorty will have 8)
  • 2 Lobster Claw clips, one on each end
  • Leather Loop Belt Attachmentcan be purchased separately here if desired.
  • The handtooled leather long biker chain wallet shown here is not included but can be purchased separately here if you don't delay....it's a one of a kind!

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