Mini Bifold Leather Chain Wallet

The Mini Bifold wallet is designed for folks who don't want a big beefy wallet in their back pocket in mind. It's a simple, elegant riff off our standard bifold design, and easily our most handy wallet to carry.
  • Leather:  Cowhide
  • Size: 4.5 in. by 3.25 in. Closed (8 in. by 3 in. Open)
  • Color: Dirty Brown Or Black
  • Liner: Anvil Leather Liner (Some images may still display cloth, leather will be used from now on.)
  • Interior: Matching Cowhide
  • Features:  1 full length bill section & 2 card slots
  • Snap:RTA 
  • Wallet Chain Attachment:  Solid Brass, lathe turned
  • Anvil Lifetime Warranty
  • Chains Pictured can be purchased separately here
The options shown refer to color, not metal.

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