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Build Your Own Anvil Leather Chain Wallet

Everything you love about our tried and true Anvil Chain Wallet designs, with your own personalized twist!

  1. Choose Style: Bifold, Trifold or Long Biker
  2. Choose Leather Color: Black or Dirty Brown
  3. Choose Text: Up to 2 words, up to 6 letters each word, no vulgarity please. Avoid Special Characters (!@#$%& etc.) 
  4. Choose Black Fill Lettering
  5. Rock it for life


  • Bifold:  5x4" closed, 10x4" opened (2 card slots & 1 over-sized bill section)
  • Trifold:  5x4" closed, 12x5" opened (6 card slots &1 full length bill section)
  • Long:  7x4" closed, 8x7" opened (4 card slots & 2 full length bill section)
  • Liner: Anvil Leather Liner (Some images may still display cloth, leather will be used from now on.)
  • Chains pictured are not included, but available for purchase here.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Choosing your own text:

Anvil is proud to offer handmade leather Anvil wallets with your own chosen lettering to fit your own personality!  You may choose up to 6 letters PER WORD, maximum 2 words (due to limited space on wallets), but please no vulgarity.  Anvil's policy has always been that if he has to keep it from his own kids, then he won't make it. Nicknames or initials are a great way to take advantage of this!