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Standard Bifold Leather Chain Wallet - Variety

On occasion, I will be asked to make a client’s Anvil Wallet with a 1-ply exterior (without an added leather liner) — So I’ve decided to try something NEW & make a whole Batch of Anvil STANDARD BIFOLD Wallets without liners!  NOTICE: There is only ONE quantity of every wallet you see here in this listing, therefore you must choose from whatever is available at the time of reading this. 

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  1. Leather:  Cowhide
  2. Standard Bifold Size: 5.5 in. by 4 in. Closed (11.75 in. by 4 in. Open)
  3. Color: Black or Brown
  4. Liner: Special Unlined Batch! 
  5. Interior: Matching
  6. Card Slots:  2 Card Slots
  7. Bill Sections:1 Full length bill section
  8. Wallet Chain Attachment:  Solid Brass, lathe turned

    Leather Loop Belt Attachmentcan be purchased separately here.

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