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Trucker Trifold - Natural Cowhide

Every great wallet tells a story about the man who wears it. Every touch of the leather gives the wallet a bit more character. This natural tan leather cowhide is left un-waxed so as to showcase this. The natural patina that will develop on these wallets with regular use is bound to be exceptional. Your wallet should be a canvas upon which you can paint an incredible journey. And when you pass this down to your children they'll be able to see every day you lived on its surface.
  • Leather:  Natural Cowhide
  • Size: 8 in. by 4.5 in. Closed (7.25 in by 12.5 in. Open)
  • Color: Natural Tan
  • Liner:  Natural Tan
  • Snap Finish: Choice
  • Interior:Matching Natural Cowhide
  • Stitch:White
  • Card Slots: 1 on Front, 6 on Interior 
  • Bill Sections: 2 full length bill sections & 1 half pocket on backside of flap (for your comb).
  • Wallet Chain Attachment: Yellow Brass Signature Chain Attachment (While silver is pictured, we have exhausted our current stock.)

Optional matching 18 inch leather lanyard and loop available!