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Goodnight Knuck Registry

Brass Knuckles, knuckle dusters, knucks, "paperweights", call em what you'd like. Our Goodnight Knucks are a limited run of edc items that are enjoyed by fans and collectors alike. While we wouldn't actually recommend hitting anyone/anything with one of these trinkets... they're awesome to have around. 
Below is a registry of each batch of Goodnight Knucks. You might find this useful if you're a collector and looking to purchase a specific number. Each knuck is stamped with a registry number. The first batch of goodnight knucks doesn't include a batch no. in the serial number. Subsequent batches have a prefix that indicates their batch no. Additionally, the first run only designated materials if they were not polished brass. Subsequent registries remedied this. Feel free to save these images to your computer and print them out to keep with your knuck if you would like.
Goodnight Knuck Registry Batch 1
Goodnight Knuck Registry Batch 2Goodnight Knuck Registry Batch 3