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Photo Contest

Anvil Customs Photo Shoot


VOTING HAS BEGUN - Want to see the entries and vote? Check View the Submissions Here. 

Calling all you budding edc photographers! Submit your entry to the Anvil Customs photo contest!
Submission deadline is April 20, 2020. We'll take the gallery and create a poll at Anvilcustoms.com for people to vote for their favorites.
After submissions are complete we'll narrow the field to the 25 best photos and create a poll for folks to vote on their favorites!
First, second and third place prizes will be awarded.
Winners will be announced May 4, 2020 and notified via email.

Da Rules:

1. Take a photo of Anvil Leather Goods and submit it to us via this form. Keep it family friendly please. Limit one entry per person.

2. Get creative! We want to see your Anvil goods in the best light, in visually interesting locales and spaces!

3. If your photo contains EDC items from other brands, make sure Anvil is the foremost prominent one (it is our contest afterall! ) If your picture contains other brand items let us know who's/what items are so we can give them credit for making rad stuff!

4. By submitting you give us permission to share this image to our various social media outlets, as well as use in perpetuity for the purposes of promotion. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant for any reason. By submitting you also acknowledge that you have all necessary rights and permissions to use such content.


  1. First Place: $500 Gift Card to Anvilcustoms.com
  2. Second Place: $300 Gift Card to Anvilcustoms.com
  3. Third Place: $100 Gift Card to Anvilcustoms.com

To Enter:

Fill out the Google Form Here: 

***Submissions Closed***