Anvil Leather Money Clip Wallet (w/ Chain Option)

New & Improved, as they say!  The New Anvil Leather Money Clip Wallet has been redesigned to YOUR specification requests!  Including the option of a wallet chain attachment!

You choose Color:  Black or Dirty Brown

You choose Chain Attachment Ring or No Chain Attachment Ring

You choose Art:  ANVIL, Skull in Wheel, Johnny Cash Only, Elvis The King, Eazy-E, AR15, Brass Knuckles, TCB Taking Care of Business

Wallet Size:  4.5" x 3.5"

Unique spring-loaded chain attachment ring is securely installed onto leather wallet.  This very nice piece of hardware is made in Chicago, IL and is 3/4" diameter.  It completely swings from one side to the other allowing maximum chain movement with the wallet.

Images show examples of Anvil's handmade chainmaille wallet chains and how they compare in size to the wallet itself.  These chains are not included with this wallet purchase alone, however they can be purchased separately here.)

Even though the majority of these moneyclip wallets will be lined with the Black Anvil Logo Liner, Anvil reserves the right to choose which custom liner will be installed at his own convenient discretion.  This means, you may receive an upgraded custom liner in your wallet at no additional cost.

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