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Anvil Wallet Shackles

These small screw pin D shackles make a great add on to your wallet chain attachment if you're looking for something with a little more "play" or have a unique clasp that doesn't quite fit. — But these aren’t just for Wallet Chain Attachments, the “Extra Small Brass Bow Shackle” is integrated into Anvil’s Chains to install various clasps!
Millimeter dimensions described below is the inner distance between the shackle legs
  • Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Construction
  • Extra Small Bow 5mm -This solid brass shackle is best used to install various clasps to Anvil Chains
  • Small Bow SS 8mm & Small Bow Brass 7mm -   Work best for our pocket wallets like the Sarasota and Money Clip Wallets
  • Black 10mm & Gun Metal 9mm - This is the next size up & Recommended for any Full-size Anvil Chain Wallets, the black coating is  durable. (Knurled Thumb Screw)
  • Stainless Slip-Pin 10mm - Very unique Slip Pin acts a lot like your Sockets & has a built-in spring-loaded ball bearing that allows the pin to slip into place (strong springball keeps pin in place nicely)
  • Large 13mm - Work best on my Fullsize Wallets such as Trucker Trifolds. It’s the beefiest shackle I offer.  Additionally these clasps have a flush pin.