Build Your Own Leather Belt - Personalized Text

The art of building a good leather belt by hand is all in the trade-secrets known to the leatherworker himself.  An Anvil Leather Belt can last a lifetime.  And now you can Personalize Your Own Lettering on your belt!

  1. Choose Size (Simply select your pants waist size and Anvil will tailor the belt to the correct size)
  2. Choose Color (Black, Natural or Dirty Brown)
  3. Choose Buckle (Stainless Steel or Missouri Rust)
  4. Choose Font Style: 
  • Rusty Anvil (Blocky, Slab-Serif Letters)
  • Olde Anvil (Old English Letters) 
      5.Choose Text (up to 20 letters, no vulgarity)

Choosing your own text:

Anvil is proud to offer handmade leather belts with your own chosen Lettering to fit your own personality!  Choose from 3 Text Font Styles: "Rusty Anvil", Olde Anvil or Pepperoni Pizza" which are all Anvil Originals.  You may choose up to 20 characters of text, but please no vulgarity.  Anvil's policy has always been that if he has to keep it from his own kids, then he won't make it.  So get creative and let's build a belt together!

Anvil Belt Leather:

Anvil is proud to build mens leather belts by American Hands using only American Made Materials.  Starting with premium, Grade A, #1 full-grain Cowhide ordered directly from Hermann Oak Tannery in downtown St. Louis, MO....our country's oldest leather tannery.  Hardware such as snaps & buckles are also proudly acquired from American owned manufacturers!  It is a high priority that Anvil remains 100% American Made.  No corners cut, no exceptions to be made.

Anvil Limited Lifetime Warranty:

At ANVIL, I pride myself not only on my over-engineered designs, but also on the fact that I use the greatest quality thread, rivets and leathers I can find. All of my products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship.  In fact, I offer a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty against manufacturer defects, such as a busted snap or faulty buckle.  There is not much that can happen to these tough belts, wallets, bags (and other ANVIL products).  ANVIL products are made to last a long time, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as water damage, worn out leather due to neglect, & does not cover wallet chains.  Should you feel that your ANVIL Product qualifies for the above mentioned warranty, please email me with the description of the problem as well as pictures to show details.  If the problem derived from manufacturer's error, you can then send the product back to me for repair or replacement (please include $10 cash for return shipping back to you!) (Repairs generally can be completed and shipped within 24-48 hours!)