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Copperhead Snake Vertebrae Bead for Paracord Lanyard

Circa 1986, I was 10 years old running through the woods by our house where I grew up.  There’s an old spring deep in the trees and it’s really the coolest thing because some old homesteader built a circular shaped wall (out of rocks laid by hand) around the spring.  All sorts of creatures called that spring, Home. — On this day whilst running to said spring, I ran right upon an angry Copperhead Snake, a thicc mama in fact!  That sucker lunged right up between my knees AND MISSED!  Frightened beyond comprehension, I ran….the other way.  Once I caught my breath and gumption, I hurried back to the spring where the snake nearly took me out.  Grabbed a loose rock from that wall & smashed that snake.  Left it there overnight and went back next morning to check on it.  I gathered the dead snake, brought it home and tossed it in a box where it laid to dry for many years.  Fast forward, I disassembled the carcass and made a mold from one of the snake’s vertebrae - the rest, as they say, is history.

  • Approx. 7/8” wide X 3/4” tall X 1/4” hole
  • “ANVIL” is scribed (can’t see very well due to uneven surface of vert)
  • Bronze
  • When these little verts are linked together, the ball-joints allow for a very cool snake-like movement!
  • Now YOU can own a piece of RTA’s childhood!