Hand Stained Leather Chain Wallet - "All Things New"

New Ultra-Limited Anvil Wallets are Stained by HAND slowly and meticulously to ensure the rarest quality you can achieve from a simple, slimline wallet that you'll want to give to your grandson.  ONLY a Quantity of 10 Wallets of each Style will be handmade using these Anvil Original Art Drawings, each one slowly Stained by Hand. (Once their sold out, they'll never be made again.)


You Choose Wallet Style:  Bifold, Long Biker, Trifold or 6-Pocket Long (deminsions below)

Wallet Art: "All Things New"

Get this Handmade 1/2 Persian (stainless & copper combo) Chainmaille Wallet Chain (at a discounted rate of only $99 when purchased with one of Anvil's Hand Stained Wallets.)

Wallet Features that will remain a constant:

Black wallet body with multicolor hand stained & tooled artwork (NO Paint!  Painting is CHEATING!  This is genuine Hand Staining....the old school method!)

Brown Cobbler's Edge (exposed tan leather edge, just like your favorite pair of boots ..... or church shoes.)

Interior Liner:  Red on Black Bandana (this rare liner will soon be retired from the Anvil line up, but Anvil had just enough left for these select few wallets available here.  Back in the day, this was Anvil's #1 selling Liner Upgrade.....don't miss out on the last of it!)



Bifold:  5x4" (closed), 10x4" (opened flat) -- 2 card slots, 1 oversized bill section

Long Biker:  7x4" (closed), 8x7" (opened flat) -- 2 card slots, 2 full length bill sections

Trifold:  5x4" (closed), 12x5" (opened flat -- 3 card slots, 2 half bills section, 1 secret center section

6-Pocket Long:  7.5x4.5" (closed), 8.5x7.5" (opened flat) -- 4 card slots, 2 full length bills sections = 6 Pockets


Anvil Limited Lifetime Warranty:

At ANVIL, I pride myself not only on my over-engineered designs, but also on the fact that I use the greatest quality thread, rivets and leathers I can find. All of my products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship.  In fact, I offer a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty against manufacturer defects, such as a busted snap, metal chain attachment & broken stitching.  There is not much that can happen to these tough wallets, bags (and other ANVIL products).  ANVIL products are made to last a long time, but the warranty does not cover misuse or abuse such as water damage, worn out leather due to neglect, & does not cover wallet chains.  Should you feel that your ANVIL Product qualifies for the above mentioned warranty, please email me with the description of the problem as well as pictures to show details.  If the problem derived from manufacturer's error, you can then send the product back to me for repair or replacement (please include $10 cash for return shipping back to you!) (Repairs generally can be completed and shipped within 24-48 hours!)