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RTANVIL Mug Series 1 of 8: Flatbiller Skully

Join the Anvil Mug Mafia today with your purchase of RTA’s very first Series of 8 Mugs, featuring his Classic & Original Wallet Art Drawings — You will want to Collect all 8 Anvil Mugs!

  • RyanTheAnvil has partnered with Deneen Pottery to bring you high quality, Made in the USA, handthrown clay Mugs - Deneen Pottery has been in business since 1972
  • Your Purchase will include: 1 Mug, 1 Leather Coaster
  • Mug No. 1 Artwork:  The Classic “Flatbiller Skully”, hand drawn by Yours Truly and tooled into COUNTLESS Anvil Wallets over the past 18 years!
  • Mug Details:  Navy Mugs dipped in White Cinnamon - Clay Fired at 2,100 degrees - Microwave & Dishwasher Safe - 14oz. capacity
  • Very Limited Production, get yours while you can!