TopHat Skull .925 Sterling Silver Ring

Anvil’s new TopHat Skull will be one for the ages.  With half a dozen other TopHat Skulls designs in progress being worked on, I’m super happy to show you the first in this TopHat Skull Collection with this .925 Sterling Silver Ring.  With all the hours invested in this collection, I never thought any of them would be an hour wasted.  I was continually fascinated by the new world of silver jewelry I had gotten into.  Everything from the design work to the actual casting methods to the final product.  Something about working hard and finding the end result to be very very awarding.  I know you will be 100% satisfied with the pieces that I’ll be offering.....& this Ring is no exception.  Available in sizes 9-13.  At this time, with all the leather orders I’m also going through, I will not be able to resize your ring, this would need to be done at your own local jeweler, if need be.  I will one day offer this service, when I know I can definitely commit to it. 

 Each.925 Silver TopHat Skull Ring is numbered in sequential order of completion

Other Markings include: "RyanTheAnvil, 2005" (the year I started the brand and handcrafting the goods you come to love today.)

Thank you for considering your investment in RyanTheAnvil Silver designs.  You can rest assure many hours of heart & passion has gone into each and every piece you see come across my Page and website.  Thank you all, RTA

NOTE:  This Ring is not for everyone.  


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