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Vintage Brass Money Clip - Anvil

While traveling in Bangkok, April 2019, one of my main goals was to discover new high quality hardware to reflect that Anvil strength.  In my hunt for chains and rad brass clasps, I came across a box full of these Brass Money Clips.  What caught my eye was the color of the brass, that old school leady brass that polishes up so nicely…

The old bangkokian man said he made them (bent them into shape) in 1981 — I was immediately sold.  I paid him $30 USD for the roughly 75 clips in the box.

i had this batch of Brass Money Clips forced patina.  Some are more blue, some are more brown…

Sadly this is the last of my Forced Patina stash of Clips!  Get one while you can, thank you for your support!  —RTA