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April 15, 2016 1 min read

    There’s no substitute for working with your hands. For over a decade The Anvil has been on our grind. Hand crafting some seriously unique, quality leather products. Our success can be attributed to one obvious fact: Anvil doesn’t cut corners. Every inch of leather, every drop of stain, every single stitch is a labor of love. Chain wallets, belts, and bike seats are hand-tooled day in and day out with a passion that isn’t merely observed, it’s experienced. But that craftsmanship doesn’t end when a genuine Anvil product leaves the shop. On the contrary, the ride is just beginning. So when you purchase from Anvil you should know that you’re not just buying a piece of the mundane, you’re gaining a remarkable piece of the adventure. You’re picking up where we left off.  All Anvil custom leather products come with a lifetime guarantee because they’re going to last for every journey, every adventure, every ride. And while you’re riding out there, remember this: Don’t take short cuts, don’t cut corners, because Anvil sure won’t, and neither should you.