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March 29, 2016 1 min read

It's no secret.  I am addicted to sunflower seeds.  Since I started Anvil Leather in my garage back in 2005, I have kept a bag of jumbo sunflower seeds close at hand.  Sometimes David, sometimes BIGS, but the brand didn't matter.....all I wanted was that salt.  To this day, I gotta have it.  Heck I don't care if it's one of those small 50 cent bags of generic seeds!  Just gimme some, son!  Oh, and that oil.....that beautiful, delicious sunflower oil that gets squeezed out of the seed kernel and onto my tongue.  "GET ON MY TONGUE", I tell it....and the seed obeys.  

I heard a man once say that he ain't so many seeds over so many years that the salt wore down his teeth enamel.  I say hoggenstosh!  Give me salt or give me death!

But why?  Why am I so addicted to sunflower seeds?  I think it's less about the salt actually, and more about the fact that eating seeds helps me concentrate on my work.  Leatherwork requires a great attention to detail.  It's not difficult to understand that crafting a product from a leather hide into a finished piece takes concentration.  I would bet I eat the bulk of my seeds while designing a new product.  Whether it be a new leather wallet, a wallet chain, a leather coffee mug or even something as small as a leather key chain, I gotta stay on my game, and seeds just help me do that.  It's weird, I know, but sunflower seeds definitely have their place.....in my mouth.