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September 03, 2015 2 min read

Starting Sept. 1, 2015, Anvil's Standard Wallet Chain will be sold at the low price of $39.99.  Leather chain wallets purchased from the Anvil Leather website will no longer come with a "free standard wallet chain".  The reason for this is the LONG search for the highest quality standard wallet chain that is 100% Made in the USA is over!   The search is over!  Anvil has found the perfect ingredients to make your standard wallet chain by hand using only USA made and acquired hardware and chain!  The raw steel linked chain (welded!) is superior in strength (Tulsa, OK) and the 2 lobster claws (one on each end of chain) are made and acquired from Chicago, IL.  

The task of finding great quality at competitive pricing has been incredibly difficult which is exactly why Anvil himself is making each and every standard wallet chain for your coveted Anvil Leather chain wallet.  The wallet chains are 16" in length and are self coloring (this means the raw steel is open to the elements of the environment and will age patina over time and will even rust if it is not handled and cared for.  The more you use your wallet chain, the better it will patina and look!

Thank you for your unending support of Anvil.  Each and every customer's order make a difference in Anvil's growth and helps reach the goal of the highest quality handmade craftsmanship that money can buy.  Don't forget to come out each and every First Friday of the Month for Anvil Artwalk located at:  134 Park Central West, #110, Springfield, MO 65806 in beautiful Downtown Springfield.