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August 20, 2015 2 min read

Not knowing what to expect, I can first say that I was totally blown away and humbled by all who stopped in at the Anvil Leather Grand Opening of the new Anvil Flagship store in wonderful Downtown Springfield, MO on beautiful Park Central Square!  We unlocked and open the doors at 5pm sharp and the very first people who walked in actually drove up from Tulsa, OK just for the opening!  I was shocked and pleasantly honored by their support, especially when he chose a brand new Anvil Leather Trifold chain wallet, handmade wallet chain and of course, a couple of new Anvil Shirts!  So to you sir, I say thank you for making the Opening quite rewarding.  

As the night went on, many local supporters and followers of Anvil's social networks (Facebook and Instagram) dropped by for a handshake and some even demanded a selfie with Anvil himself!  HA!  Hilarious.  There were right around 350-400 people who came by the Store to see what the fuss was all about.  It was so humbling to watch the support throughout the night.  Many of you know how passionate I am about leather product design, so it was doubly sweet to see many get their hands on the Anvil display of products.  I loved showing off my original designs of wallets, belts, chains, drawings and other leather accessories that were unveiled that night.

If you didn't make it out this past Artwalk, Anvil will do it all again September 4th, 5-10pm!  YES, there will again be giveaways and maybe even something to feast on.  Come one, come all.....I'll see you there.