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January 19, 2014 1 min read

We love to support other fine craftsmen and women!
Here is the custom knife you've been yearning for.  That handforged knife that you just need.  Maybe not to use, because it's too pretty to use, yet you could never wear it's a STEK handmade knife.  Craig Steketee of Billings, MO is a master of his trade, as well as a scholar.  Mr. Steketee has forged damascus steel for over 25 years.....he knows a thing or two about pattern welded metalwork.  I recently met up with Craig at a local gunshow here in Springfield, MO.  I was lucky to be able to pick up another STEK Knife for my collection at a fair market price.  These STEK knives always seem to climb in value every year that passes.  When you're dealing with such rare quality, this sort of thing is pretty much the norm.  I have yet to decide to sell one of my own STEK blades, but I have taken one of Craig's knives on to sell for himself.  It's a 5" blade (10" overall) forged by hand from an entire Harley Davidson motorcycle chain.  Best part is you can see the figure-8 chain links as well as each link pin.  Truly an amazing piece, especially for the motorcyclist who loves knives. 
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