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September 07, 2014 1 min read

Friends are in town, so you know what that means!  BEACH DAY.  My heads been down and I've be grinding away trying to get orders out the door.  I can't tell you how much I needed to get out of the shop.  I'll be honest, usually a beach day entails quite a bit of work itself with prepping snacks, drinks, ice in the cooler, towels, chairs, tents, boards, lotion, shades, and then add 2 kids and that Siesta Key Beach gets really deep really quick!  Long walk from the car, but today was different.  After a quick dip in the unusually big waves, I planted down in my chair and tossed crumbs to the birds while the friends and kids were still playing.  It was a short amount of time, but just enough to remind me what I'm thankful for:  My wife & kids first and foremost, friends from back in Missouri, our gracious parents, that beach, a cool breeze, and a providing business that has kept me on my toes for over 9 years now.  Moving here to Sarasota, FL and having the ability to experience and enjoy this Siesta Key beach is exactly what inspired me to create the "Siesta Key Surfer Wallet" (Update, Sold Out)