February 10, 2021 1 min read

One of the things we're always trying to do is to keep folks up to date on the upcoming selection of exotic leathers. This allows you to tell us exactly what type of wallet you want to purchase and means that we have very little waste when we sell as much of a hide as possible. If you want to get in on the first/best parts of a hide it pays to pay attention to our social media. Below you'll see a rundown of our current upcoming batch of alligator hides for wallets. If you would like a specific wallet from any of these hides be sure to contact us and let us know, so we can get you invoiced and on the docket to be crafted.

Antique Granite Alligator Hide

Antique Granite Alligator Hide - a matte cream color with black antiquing between scales for dramatic contrast.

Forest Green Alligator

Forest Green Alligator - A rich green with a glossy finish.

Honey Alligator

Honey Alligator - A warm, tan alligator hide with a glossy finish.

Cadet Blue Alligator

Cadet Blue Alligator - A neutral blue-gray hide with a matte finish.

Cognac Alligator

Cognac Alligator - A matte tan hide with a "pull-up" finish. Pull-Up finish is similar to an oil tanned cowhide. The hide is laden with wax and oil that amplifies marks and creases in the hide, giving it a "worn" or "aged" appearance.

Navy Blue Alligator

Navy Blue Alligator -  A dark, earthy blue hide with a matte finish.

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