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March 29, 2021 1 min read

There's still time to get involved with supporting our forging and casting fundraiser. If you weren't aware, we've began expanding that part of what we do here at Anvil with the aid of some new machinery. We're offering limited edition belt buckles as well as some other nice prizes for anyone willing to donate towards the funds e need to purchase/operate these new equipment pieces. If you'd like to be one of the elite few who get their hands on some of this early work I'd recommend backing now. Once we get everything squared away for production we'll be stopping the pre-order/support donations at that time and you'll be out of luck if you want one of the special buckles, or any of the other sweet things we can come up with to give away. In the meantime, here's some progress shots of our creations and the equipment we're working with.

Here's a draft of the art for steel plate we're working on with the forged steel buckles.


And here's a 3D model of our current iteration of will become the cast .925 Silver buckle. First we'll 3D print this in a special wax and then use traditional lost wax method with a fancy new vacuum casting setup.



Ultimately we're sticking with some branding heavy art for this first round, but as we get more experienced and confident with our new tools you should start seeing some more complex and awesome pieces that stand up to the unique and righteous leather work we do.