November 16, 2020 2 min read

The fact of the matter is that some people are honestly just tough to shop for. One thing I know for certain is that the things we craft here at Anvil Customs are always a hit. It is practically guaranteed to be a highlight of the gift giving (and getting) season! BUT I also know that I currently have quite a broad selection and I've put together a brief but excellent guide to all thing Anvil this season, to help ease the trouble of finding that perfect gift.

First Up: The Classic Gent's Belt

Listen, if you've never had a really good belt you don't know what you're missing. It seems simple, and honestly to some degree they are. But all too frequently belts are needlessly complicated with bizarre materials (that wear out), eccentric buckle mechanisms (that don't work), tiny pockets (that never get used). But if you have a belt that is 1.5" wide, tailored to your waist size and made of some of the finest durable leather you can imagine your pants are gonna wear out before an Anvil Belt. That's why I even offer a lifetime warranty on them.


Second on the list: The Mini Long Leather Chain Wallet

Listen I know the name sounds silly, but this wallet is anything but funny.  The mini long was recently revamped to include some additional card slots and a new stronger designed chain attachment. The cowhide wallets are built to last, but don't sleep on the exotic options-- all the utility plus an extra dash of class!


Next: Exotic Leather Paradise

We've taken just about every style of wallet we make out of cowhide and cranked it up to eleven by using some of the finest exotic leathers we can find. If you want to absolutely, jaw-droppingly stun your guy with a phenomenal wallet consider browsing the exotic leather collection. They have a heftier price tag but for the premium Anvil Experience it doesn't get any better than an exotic leather chain wallet. And we offer a ton of styles too. Big or small we have a wallet that is gonna knock his socks off.

Finally: Hand Forged Goods

If you've followed along on RyanTheAnvil's journey this year you'll know that while everyone was in quarantine RTA reignited his passion for metal work. All year long he's been cranking out some incredible hand forged jewelry, wallet chains, and accessories. These pieces are forged from scratch, it literally doesn't get any more hand made than this. 

In Conclusion

Gift shopping doesn't have to be hard. Honestly we put our blood sweat and tears into handmaking the best dang products we can imagine so that you can feel good about your purchase. And ALL of that will be rewarded by the look on his face when he opens up an incredible gift from Anvil Customs on Christmas morning!

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