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November 02, 2020 1 min read

In September we began re-imagining the interior of the "Mini Long" style wallets. Their popularity got us thinking about some of the small ways we could dramatically improve the interior of the wallet. Well, that process has culminated in a final product and we're happy to announce that the new mini long wallet is live as a product!

Mini Long Wallet Interior

This second generation of mini long wallets is just a hair wider than the original incarnation, by about a quarter inch. This extra space allows the wallet more room to fold over, because as the main improvement we've increased the number of card slots this wallet has, as well improved the design of the slots themselves. This new design allows more cards to be carried in the wallet, and in anticipation of people cramming their wallets full of cards, we had to make sure the interior has a little more room to flex.

The wallets are lined with leather and the redesign makes the whole wallet just feel more substantial. The overall thickness and durability of the wallet has improved as a result which means these tough little wallets are about as solidly built as can be. This iteration is absolutely on par with the long wallet, bifolds, and mini bifold designs that have been a staple at Anvil Customs for years. We look forward to hearing folks' feedback on the new design.