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October 13, 2020 2 min read

In any given year there is always one question we get more than any other in the months and weeks leading up to the holiday season. "Will I get my order in time?" It's a fair question any year, especially in ecommerce, and even more important when you're dealing with hand made to order items. There is a little extra insecurity in 2020 however because of the extra challenges posed Covid-19.

The short answer to that question is "Yes, probably." There are a number of questions about how busy and effective the United States Post Office will be this holiday season. With most people staying home there's going to be quite a few folks opting to ship their presents to family members as opposed to actually visiting. But at Anvil Customs we aren't in the business of speculating whether or not the USPS will be able to handle the influx of shipments during the holiday season... and neither should you be.

The answer is very, very simple. Order early. Order as early as possible if you want to be sure. That's it right? I don't have to tell you that your package might be a little slower getting to you this year than it normally would right??? Honestly a good bet would be no matter where you're shopping this Christmas season to err on the side of safety and expect a delay. That way you're pleasantly surprised by an early delivery instead of disappointed by a late delivery.

Now, if you're international, and I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: You should be ordering right now. International orders have been especially slow this year. International Distribution Centers have been closed intermittently (I'm looking at you Chicago...) all year long.

So, that's the deal. Don't be a dummy. Just assume right now that there will be delays with the USPS, and order early. The good news is at Anvil Customs our production times are trucking along nice and normal like so it doesn't look like there will be any delays on our end. Obviously we'll do our best to keep everyone posted with any big changes but right now, knock on wood, everything is running smoothly.