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January 13, 2021 2 min read

We're stepping into 2021 with some big plans. And in order to see these things come to fruition we need your support. The brand is & has always been about making things... big things, small things... bold things. I'm always striving to take every aspect of my creative process to the next level. At Anvil, it's about taking the elements of what a craftsman can accomplish to the next level. In 2021 that's going to take some new machines and I humbly invite your participation and support! -- The Great News is, You benefit too!  

Below, you will see 3 Needed Upgrades for the Anvil Shop: 12-ton Hydraulic Press, Professional Casting Machine & a 3D Printer.  If you've known me long, you know I am a Glutton for yeah, my inner craftsman desires only the Best Tools in my Shop in order to Supply You with the Best Quality Gear.  As you can imagine, this comes with a great cost....but like I said, You Benefit Too!  

My intent is to offer 3 levels of Support.  I'm not sure exactly what each Reward will be right now, but I do know I want my 1st Project to be Belt Buckles! This Support Level will be $300 and you will receive a handmade Belt Buckle that I will make from these newly acquired machines and my Goal is to sell 50 Buckles in order to raise $15,000 to cover the majority of the upgrade cost.  There will be 2 other Lower Level Support Rewards, to be announced at a later date.  

That's it!  I'm so excited to bring You All on board with this amazing project and I HOPE you will participate by Supporting!  (If you know you will Support, please reply to this email now and let me know, I'd love to have a gauge on who's in or not.)

Thank you and I love you all, my family and I have always been able to count on you for 16 here's to 16 more!! --RTA\

12 Ton Hydraulic Press will enable me to SQUISH ALL THE METAL!!!!!  

Prepare yourself for Loud Music & Hot Steel...


So back in 2020, I almost burnt my house down pouring Molten Silver by hand from a big thick graphite crucible into a tiny hole. -- This Vacuum enabled Professional Casting Machine will ensure the Perfect Pour every time!


As my friend, George W. Bush would always say, "The Key is Precisery!" -- A quality 3D Printer will enable me to be as precise as possible with the Fine Details that I am visioning in a variety of Anvil Products.