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December 21, 2020 3 min read

Well, what an interesting 15th year at Anvil Customs. This has been without a doubt one of the wildest years ever. I thought I'd take a moment to talk about the projects of the year that we were quite proud of, and some of the things we're looking forward to in 2021.

Black Stingray Trucker Trifold

This Wallet was our first big project of 2020. Seldom do we have pieces of stingray that are large enough to make a full on Trucker Trifold out of. These truckers have a lot to them and turned out to be a popular item across the site this year. Technically we revamped the design at the end of 2019, but they really had a moment to shine this year as we started using some of our more exotic leathers to craft them from.

Replacing An Anvil Wallet

Everyone treats their wallets differently. Some are much harder on them than others. I take great pride in making every leather product here out of the highest quality materials... things meant to stand the test of time because they can! Leather is a tough, tough material... that's why we've been making things out of it for thousands of years I suppose. This particular customer had to have been one of if not the hardest on his wallet that I've ever seen. So, since repair didn't seem feasible I simply crafted the man a brand new wallet from scratch. Chalk it up to one of the benefits of buying an Anvil Wallet!

Covid 19 Quarantine

We spent a month in quarantine, each of us doing what we can to keep the shop going during the early stages of the pandemic. The pandemic pretty much made the rest of the year a complete bizzarro version of reality. Once the scope of the pandemic sort-of cemented we came back to the shop and tried to return to some sense of normalcy. Granted nothing about this year has been normal... but you have to be flexible. The struggles have definitely put a lot of things in perspective, and it's important to take stock in what you've accomplished.

Metal Studio!

Ryan invested in a metals studio, and began forging some pretty awesome jewelry and chains. Because you know.. there aren't ever enough projects to start. We still don't know if Ryan ever actually sleeps. Also... Ryan grew a mullet. Verdict is still out on whether that was a good idea or not. What's old is new they say.

Merging Passions

Ryan fell in love with forging, but he's still a superior leather craftsman. He began tinkering with ways to incorporate both skills into his projects. Look for this to continue into the new year. Ryan has a lot of fun ideas that he's excited to share with you in 2021.

Photo Contest

Brent Duncan won our inaugural photo contest with a product showcase that was more akin to a renaissance masterpiece than anything we could have dreamed. Next year... bar is set high.

On The Slate for 2021

It's been pretty clear that we're going to expand the forged goodies we're brining to the table in 2021. Additionally RTA is talking about setting up a routine streaming schedule where you can subscribe and watch him work on the regular basis. Of course his zany antics will undoubtedly steal the show. Let's just hope he doesn't drop an Anvil on his foot or light the house on fire with his crucible. 

The leather shop of course is still the number one priority, and we're currently looking at revamping the trifold from the ground up. We had a lot of great feedback from the redesign of the mini long, and now we're taking that same finesse and working it into the trifold. Are these the future of Anvil Wallet Designs? Time will tell. We're also looking at some more interesting ways for folks to customize their wallets. We have laser in the shop, so perhaps it time to find a few ways to let you all take advantage of that.