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August 02, 2015 1 min read

*Update* At the time this blog was made we only had a few zany stingray wallets. We have so much more now! Check them out!

Anvil has recently built a total of 11 genuine stingray leather wallets which are very pleasing to the eye.  You will be blown away by the colorful staining design of these stingray leather hides.  By natural, stingrays grow an armor plate on their backs made up of tiny potassium beads which, when tanned, feel amazingly round, like smooth glass.  This makes for an outstanding and very durable leather biker wallet.  

Stingray leather has a rich history and is not new to today's fashion industry.  In fact, you might know that the Japanese began tanning stingray hides for use in Japanese samurai swords.  Stingray leather is used in many ways.  For more history on stingray leather, please read this article by Abram Mendal.

If you're looking for a wallet to hand down to the next generation of your family, then Anvil's stingray leather chain wallets are a MUST see!