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June 28, 2013 1 min read

 Just imagine yourself, lolly-gagging through the meadow and BAM, 22 foot long Burmese Python wrestles you down beneath the amber waves of golden wheat and gobbles you up!!!  Once they find the swollen snake all hunkered over dry heaving since you never showered for over a week (snake didn't know!) they kill and slice it open just to find your rank body all bloated and whatnot.  So now what?  What will they do with the snake?  Well, they call up their good buddy ANVIL and make a bunch of genuine snakeskin wallets of course!!!

Anvil recently acquired the number one NICEST snake hide he'd ever lay hands on, a 22 foot burmese python which was taken by bow & arrow in Africa.  Snakeskin Wallets currently available are Anvil Long Biker Wallets and Anvil Bifold wallets.  Also available are Snakeskin Pocket Wallets and Snakeskin Puritan Wallets!

Python Bifold