Anvil SHORTY Leather Wallet Chains are now available for order!

July 18, 2013

I know, FINALLY, right!?  You asked for it, so here they are.  All weaves and patterns of Anvil Custom Wallet Chains are now available in the highly coveted SHORTY 10" Size!  When you're rockin your Anvil Leather Wallet and you just don't want the hangy-dangy chain down your leg, then YOU need to take advantage of this sweet Shorty version asap.  The Anvil Shorty Wallet Chains are 10" of chain length and have a lobster claw on one end and a VERY HARD TO FIND Solid Stainless Bolt Clasp on the other end.  These chains speak of strength to core.  They ride really low on the hip so no more hanging down the leg, and you certainly won't need to worry with your wallet chain getting caught in your sprocket!


Available in all chainmaille weaves and metals including:  Stainless, Black Stainless, Copper & Brass: