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August 09, 2013 2 min read

I know it's ridiculous to think about, but Christmas is right around the corner and you'll be racking your brain for that special gift for your special man soon enough!  There are a few NO FAIL gifts out there you can get for him that will make his Christmas one he'll never forget.  One of which is an Anvil Leather Wallet.  Anvil builds every single custom leather product on this website by hand and the time of every order.  Anvil is proud to offer the BEST quality and original designed wallets in the USA.  Anvil even purchases ALL MATERIALS he uses to make all Anvil Products from within the USA!  Custom leather wallets and belts made by Anvil are TRULY made in USA!

But let's be specific. Whether he has expressed his desire for a new wallet, he would truly love to have something made by hand in the USA....what better than an Anvil leather chain wallet that he can carry all his stuff in for the rest of his life?  Or maybe his britches are falling down and he needs a good leather belt to keep them up!  What better than an Anvil leather belt?  There are so many to choose from with various tooled designs that will fit his personality well.....or maybe just a classic leather men's belt will suffice.  Maybe something smaller like an Anvil Original leather key fob or just a simple leather card wallet, also known as a pocket wallet.  

ALL Anvil products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!  All stitching, snaps and chain attachments are covered under this warranty!  You simply just send back the leather wallet for repair or replacement!  This is UNHEARD OF within the custom handmade industry.....take advantage of this now, you'll be glad you did.