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August 28, 2013 1 min read

Unfortunately these wallets were a limited time offering, and are no longer available. Our friends at Lowbrow Customs have some excellent Motorcycle gear, and if you'd love to see us work together on a new project let us know! Or, if you'd like to work with us to build some excellent leather products for your brand let us know! Contact Us

Lowbrow Customs Leather Chain Wallets are now available on their website! These wallet are built by ANVIL exclusively for Lowbrow Customs and will depict genuine Lowbrow Customs artwork on the face of each leather wallet.  Currently there are 2 different bifold wallets available:  the Lowbrow Weirdo and the Winged Wheel arts.  These are built in incredibly LOW quantities and when they are gone, they are gone.  

Here is your chance to own one of the best leather chain wallets in the world with one of the coolest motorcycle parts outfitters in the world!  Available in 2 colors: Black & Anvil's original Dirty Brown!  These leather chain wallets will come with Anvil's unbeatable LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!  Its a nobrainer people!  Get your Lowbrow Customs Chain Wallet made only by ANVIL and get it NOW!!!  


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