Good Leather Belt with "From My Cold Dead Hands" Art Tooled Leather

September 13, 2013

Express your demands for Gun Rights!!  

Tell them exactly how you feel with this: "From My Cold Dead Hands" belt

These words made famous by our friend Charlton Heston, may be exactly what needs to be expressed to those who believe otherwise.

According to the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, you have every Right to Bear Arms!  


This belt is made with the careful precision just as all other Anvil Leather Belts are made!  BY HAND!  Choose from Black, Dirty Brown, or a currently LIMITED Edition of "Dirty Brit" (a british tan with dirty stain throughout) at a discounted price until quantities are depleted.  You do not have to go without this belt!  Excellence was born in the USA!

Black or Dirty Brown "FMCDH" Belt:

Limited Edition Dirty Brit "FMCDH" Belt:

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