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Anvil Original Hoodies at Half Price, Also Exotic Keychains out the Wazoo!

March 02, 2017 1 min read

Uhhh, Short Blog this week. I feel like the title pretty much says it all. Spring is just around the corner and we have just a hand full of Hoodies left that're taking up room in the shop. We've dropped them down 50% to the first few people that want them. Seriously Limited quantities left though, so don't hesitate.

Also, if you haven't noticed the Key Chains / Fobs Selection has been beefed up pretty significantly. We've got some great prices on exotic leather fobs and loops over there. Go pick out something cool for under $20 bucks.

Don't forget that this Friday is First Friday Artwalk here in Springfield. If you're a local and looking for something to do Ryan, Mike, and I will be down here. We've got some pretty great deals for people who visit the shop in person. Other than that, have a great weekend friends.