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March 09, 2017 1 min read

Recently I tagged along with RyanTheAnvil as he did some shopping from Springfield Leather Company. Let me be the first to tell you that store is jam packed with cool stuff. Its one of the places we source our product leather from. As a resource, its an invaluable to have so close to home. Additionally they sell all sorts of nifty things that are made in house and by other Leather Craftsman. But frankly, the sheer volume and variety of leather hides they have are just absurd. It's difficult not to become a kid in a candy shop when you walk through the store. Hundreds of little nooks with awesome stuff are scattered about the place. So if you're a budding leather craft hobbyist, an experienced leather craftsman, or just touring Springfield and need a cool place to check out, we can't recommend SLC enough.

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