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June 26, 2019 2 min read

Its a fair question. Do people still wear wallet chains? To answer that question you should probably ask yourself another question, Do people still ride motorcycles? Of course they do! As riding grew in popularity it turns out, a lot of folks ended up losing their wallets on the side of the road. One odd seat adjustment and zow! But then some frustrated biker came along and said, "You know what? This losing your wallet while riding thing is dumb. I'm gonna chain it to my belt so it doesn't slip out!" And voila, an entirely new accessory was born. The punk rock scene pulled a lot of influences from the earlier biker culture, and naturally the chain fit right in with the style. Plus, it served a couple purposes: Firstly it stops people from picking your wallet and at a raging punk show, well you can imagine how important that could be. And secondly, it turns out when you surround yourself with rough people, it doesn't hurt to have a good length of chain handy. These days though the wallet chain is all about style. You can find an insane variety of chains out there, but obviously we're going to tell you to check out ours. You'll find a ton of cheaply made imports made in sweatshops online, but if you want to buy something sturdy, stylish and made in America you should seriously consider grabbing one of our chains. The chainmail chains we offer are definitely unique. One of the benefits of working with high quality materials is you get to put together some seriously wicked products. But even still we have chains that run the entire price gamut. No matter what you're looking for we probably have something you'll love if you're in the market.