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June 18, 2019 1 min read

Anvil Meet & Greet 2019

Have you ever wanted to meet Ryan? In the coming weeks we'll be announcing some dates where you'll be able to meet up with R.T.Anvil! He'll be in New York, and Las Vegas at different times in the next few months, and he always wants to meet the fine folks that are kind enough to support Anvil Customs. Now on the odd chance that you're interested in meeting the whole crew, i.e. Ryan, Mike, and myself (Nathen) you can do that pretty much every First Friday here in Springfield MO. As you may or may not know, our shop on the square here is primarily a workshop, which means we don't open to the general public because we're in here working hard on all these leather wallets and belts that get ordered, but during special events we often open our doors and let people browse the few items we have ready. Now, if you're riding your bike through town, or just want to swing by the shop we're happy to have the visit, just make sure you give us a heads up that you're going to stop by so we can let you in! We look forward to meeting you all!