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June 04, 2019 2 min read

Are you a long wallet type of person? Chances are if you didn't grow up around a cowboys or bikers you may not have noticed this particular style of wallet. Of course at Anvil we specialized in making these gems, particularly of the chain wallet variety. Most of the people that carry this style of wallet will tell you that it is absolutely a vital part of their every day carry. When you're used to seeing small nylon Velcro wallets and then you take a look at one of our long wallets, your first reaction might be to say, "Hey! That beast won't fit in my pocket!" But we promise, it most definitely will. Everything is designed by hand here at Anvil, and you better believe we're considering people's pocket sizes whenever we come up with a wallet design. 

People are often quick to critique the length of a wallet, but then if you ask them to show you their wallet, they've got a brick bifold that's as fat as it is wide. And if that sounds like you, you should probably ask yourself, how much do I carry in my wallet? What if this was more evenly distributed in my pocket? Perhaps its time to consider a long wallet? Give it a try, you might like it, and you might have fewer back issues down the road. 

Our long wallets have a ton of space. The current iteration has four card slots, and two full length bill sections. We use a heavy stitch, that won't break (and we'll fix it in accordance with our lifetime warranty if it does). We always consider the final gauge of the leather when we craft a wallet too. As you can imagine, different leathers have different weights, strengths, and hardness. We carefully consider all sections of a wallet to ensure that they feel both substantial, durable, and look stylish without feeling like a tank in your pocket.