August 21, 2018 2 min read

Here’s the deal, I’ve run this business for 13 years.  It is and always has been an internet based business via Social Media.  I have always enjoyed communicating with people over the Internet, especially within my business.

Many things on the internet have changed over the past 13 years.  The way that Content is made has changed significantly as well as the way content is then uploaded to be viewed by the masses.  The way websites are found has drastically changed!  And just think about the growing number of websites over 13 years! You can see how changes needed to be made. After all, data sources such as Google want you to be able to find what you’re looking as efficiently as possible.

Here's where I’m at though: I’m still killing myself over the “all eyes on me” factor of the Internet.  It’s so tough to gain attention.  I’m not trying to be chincy, I’m dead serious.  I read an article some time back (sorry no link) about how website owners rely heavily on their own following of clients to Share their business (website).  I took this as no matter how much content I put out there, no matter how many products I list to my website, it’s paramount that my clientele help share my business (website) with their family and friends.  So.....are you helping?  Will you help?  Sounds tacky, but.....are you?  I mean, what I'm doing is providing excellent leather wallets and other leather hard goods for you.  Now, I'm asking for your help.

Ways to Help:

1) Tell people about

2) Send your circle of people links to: Anvil's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and again,

3) ENGAGE!  This is the FUN PART!  Like & Comment on posts generated by RyanTheAnvil.....he replies as often as it is possible and he enjoys doing that.  Nothing is more rewarding than communicating with customers and finding out they are truly enjoying their Anvil Leather product.

4) Share, Share, Share.  Whether on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.  Without people Sharing Anvil Content on social media.....Anvil will just die off.  (It's an internet business!)

RyanTheAnvil gives SO MANY rewards to those who help him Share (Please see for yourself by either going to the website and signing up for Anvil Reward Point$ OR start engaging on Anvil's Social Media today!

Ways to interact & share to help RyanTheAnvil:

-- Anvil Leather Facebook

-- Anvil Leather Instagram

-- Anvil Leather YouTube

-- Anvil Leather Twitter

-- Join the Anvil CREW here!

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