Flip Flops by Anvil

June 15, 2017

Flip Flops by Anvil

My new all leather flip flops, with a special cameo from this super rad chair I made from recycled belts.

These are made from several layers of heavy duty leather and stitched on all the stress points. I hate it when the little connector between my toes breaks... these aren't going to have that issue.

I made a black pair too. Gotta stay fashionable.

Pretty serious set of flip flops here, a blast to put together!

Slapped my bold logo right there on the heel... 

5 layers of heavy duty leather sewn and edged. Classy, comfy, hearty.

So if anyone is interested in ordering a pair of Anvil Flip flops I'd be open to crafting a few more pairs?

These were a blast to build. I don't know if they'll become a regular product though. If you order a pair you'll be able to say you got something super special from Anvil which I know is always a cool deal. You can email me at anvilcustoms@gmail.com for a pair. Just don't forget to send me your shoe size.

Additionally, I built a chair out of belts. Which I think is pretty slick. Its very comfortable. Still prototyping the design though. If you'd be interested in an Anvil Chair make sure to give me a shout too. I'm not sure what the price will be yet. I'd love to hear any suggestions or feedback you've got on any of the things I've been showing off. 

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