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June 08, 2017 2 min read

We Visited the Metallica Pop-Up Shop in St. Louis before the show.

I got this radical t-shirt from 

Made Worn.

Rob Trujillo and his super scary body guard...

Me and Muh Boys Getting pumped for the show. Also, dude behind us was... unimpressed with our enthusiasm.

Next Day: Off to Hermann Oak to pick up some odd lot leather.

Yeah, that's a stack of cow hides that's taller than I am... what of it?

A stack of black drum dyed cowhide for me thank-you very much!

Metallica - The Best Stadium Rock Show I've ever seen.

I WANNA ROCK!!!  Oh lordy, where do I begin!?  Whatta a show!!  Whatta METAL SHOW!!!  Hands down the best live performance I've ever witnessed.  The day started at the hotel pregaming before we took off for the Metallica Pop-Up Shop at 2300 Cherokee St. in the STL Antiques District.  Upon arrival, it was hot, I mean 94 degrees hot....but it didn't matter, we got word that Rob Trujillo would be on sight between 1-2pm, so we chilled in line and waited.  Fast forward....we didn't get inside to see his interview, but we snapped a shot from outside the window as Rob was walking by and he gave us thumbs up and a grin (see image).  We all got shirts, blah blah blah and that was that.  Onward to Busch Stadium.  Opening act was "Local H", then "Volbeat", both of which were in the rain so by 8:15pm, after Volbeat finished, crew began building Lars' drum set canopy......by the time they got done at 9:10pm, RAIN STOPPED and ROCK BEGAN!  Metallica simply changed me that night.....unreal experience with my bros:  Tyler, Brad & Bates.  Big shout out to those dudes for going with me to a Show for the Ages!  I'll never forget it!  ROCK!!!!!