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February 08, 2018 2 min read

After 12 years, there are a ton of Anvil Customs fans around the world. And since our products are literally built to last a lifetime, some people have developed quite the collection of our stuff. It's incredible to see the loyalty of our fans on a daily basis. We're always humbled when fans share pictures of their products after they've aged. We're always striving to encourage a sense of community around our brand. Of course we have a pretty devout following on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But we thought how can we bring our fans closer together. So we made a group on Facebook for our most loyal customers and fans. You can ask to join the Anvil Leather Crew right now. 

This group has been created for a couple of reasons. Namely, this group is to be a community where Fans of Anvil Customs Leather come to communicate with each other and us about the products they own and would love to see us craft in the future. Additionally, this is a place where Fans can Buy, Sell, Trade & Collect Anvil products.

The Rules:
Be Relevant - This is a space where a community conversation related to Anvil Customs Products should occur. Also, buying and selling is restricted to Anvil Customs products. If what you have to sell or say isn't relevant it'll be removed.

Be Kind - This is not a place to make disparaging remarks about group members or Anvil Customs. If you're abusive, you'll be banned. Simple as that.

Be a Good Photographer - If you're selling a product be up front about it's condition and take photos of what you're selling. Products listed without photos are likely to be taken down.

Be Smart - Buyer beware. Anvil Customs Leather isn't responsible for any transactions that occur through this group. That being said, buying and selling here should be a positive experience. If you believe someone is acting suspicious don't be afraid to point them out to an admin or moderator.