March 16, 2018 3 min read

Anvil Customs is proud to call Springfield, Missouri home. This city has ton of great places to eat, drink and shop. Obviously, we're here so that's a given place to visit. But we thought we'd take a moment to shout out some new places, and some old favorites to check out while you're in town.

Bass Pro Headquarters - The best place to go get all manner of hunting and fishing supplies. I probably don't need to tell you much about this place, but the fact that it's the HQ means they have a ton of really cool stuff in there to shop around for.

Wonders of Wildlife - Located in the same place as the Bass Pro Headquarters, this brand spanking new Wildlife Museum and Aquarium is absolutely incredible. If you have a few hours, going to see the the displays here is an absolute must. It's unbelievable that we have such a unique and fun experience located right in the heart of Springfield.

Gillioz Theatre- A beautifully restored historic theatre, this is a great place to catch a show. They have a lot of great musicians, and comedy acts come through town. Any of which could be a great way to spend an evening.

Golden Girl Rum Club - Located right next door to Anvil Customs, it's a great place to get a rum cocktail or maybe just a Miller High Life. Oh and a big ol' bowl of ramen. Super funky and fun, this great little corner spot is a fun place to hang especially on hot summer days.

Civil Kitchen - These folks take old fashioned home cooking to a new level. They're located right on the square too. Go get an house infused vodka cocktail and a hearty plate of chicken and waffles.

Queen City Wine Dive- New to downtown, this warm wine bar handles small plates and healthy pours of some of the best wine in town. Try the duck fat macaroni and cheese.

Druffs - Gourmet grilled cheese need we say more? Seriously one of the coziest little places to eat with a diner style atmosphere. Plus, homemade tomato soup dippers, and homemade pickles? Are you kidding?

Falstaff's - The best place to catch a game downtown. Go grab a beer, play some ski-ball and watch a ball game. Also, grab some garlic Parmesan fries.You won't regret it.

Coffee Ethic - Our favorite coffee spot of course! You've probably seen some coffee ethic swag in some product photos. If you're looking for a great cup of joe and piece of butter cake, it's hard to pass them up.

Park Central Market - Also new to downtown, these cats opened a much much needed downtown convenience store. A sharp, clean spot to go get a soda, a six pack, or maybe just a bag of chips.

Mothers - The premiere brewery here in Springfield, go play bocce ball in their back yard and get some absolutely excellent brews from the tasting room. May we suggest an easy to drink Cobra Scare? That's our current beer love from Mother's, though they're all pretty stellar.

Springfield Brew Co - SBC makes some great beers. They also serve some incredible food. Go and grab a pizza, and a pitcher of Walnut Street Wheat with your friends.

Lost Signal Brewing Co. Fixin' up some serious BBQ and craft beers, these folks are doing the chow town right. If you're looking along the downtown skyline you'll see an old radio tower that's been lit up. All their beers you can only get in house. They make one heckuva Smokehouse Porter.

Hurts Donuts - These guys have been blowing up! Their original building is right behind the shop. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to satisfy it. Grab a maple bacon log, or a captain crunch covered donut.

Grad School - One of the best places to get a burger in Springfield, Grad School  has been serving up some killer bohemian meals for years. Also, death star wings. Did I say death star wings? Death Star wings.

Gaileys - The place to get breakfast downtown. Old school diner style breakfast with a flat top grill. Big plates full of bacon, eggs, or biscuits and gravy. It's always hard to argue against breakfast food.

We could actually go on and on. There's a bunch of really killer places to visit here in SGF. Maybe we'll do a follow up blog with another batch of great places. All that being said, Anvil loves our neighbors, and being here in Springfield is such a blessing. If you're ever in town make sure you stop by the shop and visit one of these excellent places too!


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